Friday, 7 August 2009

Noel Gallagher: Rock's great interviewee

NO-ONE could ever accuse Oasis of reinventing the wheel, their brand of British cultural magpie-ism sees them often derided as cheap rip-off merchants by the serious rock media.
However, this often detracts from band leader Noel Gallagher's great intelligence and engagingly witty personality, which rarely get a chance to shine on the page of music magazines.
The dominance of Noel's brother Liam as voice of the band, live and on record, also masks Noel's own brilliance as a singer. Well brilliance would be overstating it, but his voice has improved with age and is now an emotive instrument and his acoustic sets and B sides have long been a favourite of GM.
Hopefully these clips will give you an insight into the world of Oasis. The first is an acoustic version of B side Good to be Free and the other two - why he is a funny and engaging interviewee.
Again thanks to the wonderful Interface podcast at for this free download, the highlights of which can be listened to below.

Good to be Free

On the M Ward, Edgar Jones Jones and music

Solo album, acoustic sets and annoying Liam

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  1. Thanks for that, fellah. I listened to it all. One of his more informed chats on what the others mean to him as opposed to our bloody kid all the time. Cheers!