Thursday, 27 August 2009

Bishop's sermon is the gospel of pure comedy

RUNCORN-raised comedian John Bishop has been nominated for the Edinburgh Fringe's premier prize - the Eddies, awarded for the best stand-up at the festival.
It's clear that good things really happen to good people.
The nomination of Bish, as he is affectionately known to all who know him, is a great achievement for a man who is, according to fellow Liverpool comedian Keith Carter, 'the closest thing to a stand-up in the purest possible sense.'
Bish, and perhaps the nomination of Russell Kane this year, represent a return to acknowledging pure stand-ups, people with a set of stories and gags to tell rather than 'concept' shows.
Bish of course has pulled together a 'concept' for Edinburgh, but what will shine through is an inate ability to not only see the humour in almost any situation, but to deliver it superbly. He has the best timing in the business.
Bishop has also one of the best comic brains working in Britain today and has an ability to improvise and fly off the top of his head which brings to mind Robin Williams and Paul Merton at their best.

His Radio City/ City Talk show may not be gag heavy, but is always inventive and thoughtful.
When he was starting out, I had the pleasure to see him maybe 20 times and rarely saw him do the same gag twice in any of his 25-40 minute sets. On several occasions he ripped the roof off the Rawhide Club in Liverpool simply bantering with the audience.
Already with a burgeoning following in Ireland thanks to many appearances on network TV, Bish has to be the next big thing in Britain.

On a recent appearance on Michael McIntyre's high profile BBC programme, he stole the show with a keenly observed and warmly delivered seven minute set.

And warmth is the key to Bish, there's no harshness. He is frequently, apparently, left confused by modern life and in particular parenting, but what always comes from watching him is a sore gut from laughter-induced hyperventilation and the great positivity that there's a laugh to be had from any situation.
Go 'ead lad, hope you win it because it has been a long time coming.

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  1. Yeah Bishop definetly deserves an accolade, his sets on the comedy store have always had me in stitches.