Saturday, 3 December 2011

PODCAST: Paul Du Noyer on the lost art of the album sleeve

AWARD winning Merseyside author Paul Du Noyer recently gave a talk titled 'Art on its Sleeve: Why Music is Good but Cardboard is Beautiful' at the V&A museum in London about the history and development of sleeve art on records.
As I couldn't be there, I asked him to recap the main points over coffee and muffins in FACT in Liverpool.
It wasn't the best environment to record a podcast, so listen out for the sound of heavy rock instrumental on the PA, a volatile coffee machine and a man offering us sweets from a vast silver bowl.

Some of examples of the covers Paul discussed today.

DuNoyer Podcast Layout 1

New designs for a student magazine

I'm mucking about with simple designs for a new magazine my students are going to edit at university.
So, I'm sticking up some designs to get some feedback and critique. Tell me what you think.
There is a problem with a missing font on the headers (top left/ top right) but other than that, I'm keeping it simple for new and inexperienced designers.

Immediate DPS 2

Thursday, 1 December 2011

The End: A classic fanzine reborn

I posted an interview with Peter Hooton on the classic Liverpool fanzine over on my other blog. Have a read of it here. Thanks to him for his time.