Monday, 3 August 2009

Information cocoons

THE internet and the blogosphere are still trumpeted as the way forward for the news industry, but there is still no satisfiable means of aggregating everything that you are following in the way in which a newspaper or broadcast outlet does.
Stylistically there are abrupt shifts in style and tone to adjust to and then there is the terrible dilemma of actually believing everything you are reading - from originators to trolls et al.
However, the greatest issue democratically is the problem of cocooning, of readers only reading something which they are ideologically in agreement with.
Look at the recent flurry of birthers in the States, idiotically calling for Obama's birth cert to see what we mean here.
The initially false premise circulates ad nauseum and is given credence by virtue of that continued circulation. It's picked up by eejits like Lou Dobbs and the circle remains unbroken - more cack flows.
This great discussion is worth a watch in this issue.

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