Monday, 3 August 2009

Media Talk USA: News cartels

A MONTH or so ago I mentioned this brilliant wee podcast from the Guardian about the future of newspapers.
A couple of brilliant suggestions are made here. If the ecology of the media landscape is changing then the ecology of the newspaper model has to change also.
The newspaper, even major American city papers, will have to make do with smaller circulations and will be forced to penetrate their communities in a much deeper, more meaningful and less precious way.
Perhaps the ECHO or the MEN will be sponsoring not just big arenas but city wide book clubs, resurrecting newspapers in education projects and beginning multiple focussed conversations with their readership.
With profits on their way up again in the states, maybe there will be investment on the table for the new news economy and ecology.
Nothing new from GM here but have a listen and see what you think. It'll stay up for a few days.

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