Friday, 7 August 2009

NO band has captured the imagination of GM in recent years as much as The Hold Steady.
Lead singer Craig Finn is the best lyricist working in rock.
We have already argued that their third record Boys and Girls in America was the long player of 2007 and they could be shaping up to be the band of the decade for us.
They are brilliant because they reflect the joyousness of watching Springsteen and the E Street - they are the sight and sound of a tight, loud guitar/ bass/ piano/ drums band peopled by musicians smiling and obviously loving what they are doing. That is an all too rare an example of the great rock journalism cliché in these days of irony and cleverness, a joyous, easy thing to behold.
Take the shoes off, clear a space around you and pogo like an eejit.
Although this isn't from it, check out the brilliant aol music showcase for a fantastic five song live set and interview with Craig and guitarist Tad Kubler and Franz Nicolay.
This is just a great music promo. Hey, enjoy.

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