Monday, 23 March 2009

The Wire series 1 opener

THE WIRE, starting on BBC2 next Monday night, is a highly addictive dissection of the illusion of the US war on drugs.
Just like the corner boys punting their wares with words 'Get your WMD' or 'Pandemic, pandemic, get your pandemic' the creators constantly sell the explosiveness of their truth.
In The Wire, seemingly a mere cop show, the illusion of equality of opportunity hides the inevitability of failure from many sectors of African American and white working class society.
The Wire is about the systematic deconstruction of the myth of the 20th century American dream in the 21st. As creator David Simon told Simon Mayo months ago, it is about the two Americas that live parallel to each other.
Man, but you peoples who have never seen this programme before, I am so envious of the next few months you have on BBC2, but we'll be with you again, nonetheless.
This opener to Series 1 tells you all you need to know about politics and outlook of The Wire.

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