Wednesday, 4 March 2009

U2: Or how the future of the major label band is ever more tawdry whoring of yourself

If U2's shameless whoring of themselves around the BBC last Friday proved anything in British musical circles it was two things:
1) The BBC is the last broadcasting behemoth, a multi-platform, publicly funded showcase for product second to none. A 360 degree red button catch all unique to the world.
2) U2 are a brilliant, shameless publicity machine willing to do anything to get their message out there. Rim Chris Evans? You got it. Blow smoke up Simon Mayo's ass - consider it done. Pretend to be the Beatles on the roof? What again? OK then
Avoid tax dodging questions. Sorted.
Enigmatically run through some well crafted answers which say nothing, we'll take pride in it. (See what I have done there)
Plug a tour coming to a stadium, probably not near you and six months from now - the 2 are shameless masters.
BTW: Why are Larry and Bono never seen together other than on stage? Hmmm?

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