Sunday, 15 March 2009

A new high from Jon Stewart

If ya'all want to see how comedy can uncover the greatest problems in society, do a cheeky download of the Daily Show of March 12.
Host Jon Stewart invited on Jim Cramer of CNBC's Fast Money financial news magazine show and highlighted the network's complicity in the current global financial crisis.
Stewart is the greatest satirist in the world and, in short, ripped Cramer a new one. It was embarrassing how good Stewart was. He was simply awesome.
British comedy never has been, and never will be, this good because it doesn't have the balls, ability or aspiration to do this kind of public service.
More shame on us who pay the licence fee to get James Corden or Marcus Brigstocke.

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  1. I love Stewart, but I do have to say that even he isn't without blame here. He, along with the rest of the American media, should have asked the tough questions back in September, or probably much earlier. And kept asking. This follows the U.S. media not working hard enough to get answers over (well, where do I begin?) health risks to Ground Zero workers ... WMDs.