Sunday, 8 March 2009

The treasure trove that is Lord Kitchener song titles

Fellow new blogger Big Spoons opened up a new avenue for GM: Lord Kitchener's songs and their titles, among the funniest things around.
In the comments for the best lyrics, Spoons flags up Kitchener's wife's unease at his, ahem, needle, coming at her from behind.
This will be the same wife, presumably, whose bedtime garb is celebrated in the classic calypso 'My Wife's Nightie'.
Paul Du Noyer reviewed Kitchener among others in his write-up of the album which introduced me to him, London is the Place for Me, you should find it somewhere in the Word archive.

Kitchener song titles
My Wife's Nightie
Bulldog Don't Bite Me
Victory Test Match
If You Are Not White You're Black

And the best ever bracket song title
I Was There (At The Coronation)


  1. Brown Skin Girl" / "Brown Skin Gal"
    "Day-O" / "The Banana Boat Song"
    "Edward VIII" / "Love, Love Alone"
    "Hold 'em Joe"
    "Mama Look a BooBoo"
    "Man Smart, Woman Smarter"
    "Mary Ann" / "Marianne"
    "Money Is King"
    "Shame and Scandal in the Family"
    "Ugly Woman"
    "Yellow Bird"
    "Zombie Jamboree"

    Man smart, woman smarter, that feels familiar.

    Football and Calypso. What a notion!
    . . .and one dedicated to our neighbours at the wrong end of the east lancs

  2. My favourite is the compilation album title 'songs with and without social significance'. Brilliant!