Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The worst four film trailers of all time

GM WENT to the cinema to see the George Clooney dominated anti-war pic The Men Who Stare at Goats and was confronted with THE four worst trailers of all time in advance of the main feature.
It poses three questions:
a) why would I even go near any of these films? They all look dreadful,
b) has Guy Whattyacallim fallen so far since Lock Stock... that his name is so small on the poster for the obviously dreadful Sherlock
c) why, in an era of crowd sourcing and trending, would you think the, perhaps, lefty types who have gone to TMWSAG would want to see any of these four movies?
BTW: The Cameron Diaz-fronted The Box is an unembedable YouTube, perhaps because it is awful. Try and find it, GM-ers

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  1. Can't remember the last time Cameron Diaz was in anything decent bar Gangs of New York. I had to sit through this monstrosity before This Is It came on: