Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Well sound: Paul Du Noyer speaks to GM about his home cities

GM grabbed 10 minutes with Merseyside author Paul Du Noyer,  visiting fellow of journalism at Liverpool Hope, prior to his talk about the music of Liverpool and London at the university's upcoming Cornerstone Festival.
We previewed the event, at 1pm on Thursday, November 26, here  previously.
Paul's two brilliant books Wondrous Place and In the City are required reading for any lovers of modern popular music, great journalism and especially for those of us who love both.
Deep in the middle of research for a long piece on Ian Dury for The Word magazine (it's hard to believe it is nearly 10 years since the great man died), Paul took time out to reflect on the city of his birth and the city he has spent his adult life in.
Paul Du Noyer - Food for Thought, Venue: Cor 114.

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  1. Splendid listen, me old mate. Any chance of that signed copy? Hate to be a bother but his books sound ace. Cheers! We could do a swap. Name your poison. T. x