Friday, 6 November 2009

MUSIC MISCELLANY: This week's tunes

THIS is the batch of CDs played this week, along with some Falco via the magic of Spotify.
First up is 'Nureyev' by Eskimo Chains who were a Liverpool band fronted by my mate Martin Malone. They made three great albums and he released a solo effort before going on to his current gig which is playing guitar in Simon Armitage's band the Scaremongers. This is the Chains' freshman effort, as the crap Yankee magazines would have it.
May I recommend the Richard Davies album sent to me by GM follower Tony in North Carolina? It's a wee short album on which every song sounds different.
Kraftwerk because me and Tony were watching the German techno kingpins on BBC4 when he was over last week.
The Minnows are a great band from Northern Ireland who took about a decade an half break in their music career to establish hugely successful other careers in PR only to come back with a belting new collection of Lloyd Cole inspired songs. The album is worth a listen just on the basis of its title alone 'Leonard Cohen's Happy Compared to Me'.
The free CD which came with James Brown's first edition as editor of GQ is a belting selection of adult 1990s dance.
You can't go wrong with Girls Aloud, Taha, The Steady, Public Enemy, The Small Faces and the post punk/ new wave best of Atomic.
The CD I'm most proud of is the Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros bootleg of the great man's last ever show before his untimely death in 2002. I'm most proud because an interview I did with him for the Liverpool ECHO is printed on the inner sleeve.
Dabs eyes again...
Double click on the picture for a closer view

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