Sunday, 15 February 2009

The world's best pub juke box

My mate Tony's from Widnes but lives in Winston Salem, North Carolina. In itself that's nothing exceptional, but he had one great observation to make on his recent trip to Blighty to see Magazine. That was: The Edinburgh on College Road in Crosby has the best juke box on the planet. What say you?
Tell me the best juke boxes in Ireland/ Britain/ USA

These replies just in:
"Pauls Bar in Antrim, sadly long gone. It did not have much, but what it was eclectic. Mary Coughlan singing Ride On, Iggy Pop with The Passenger, REM Ghost Riders, Fire by the Crazy World of Arthur Brown. It played 7 inch singles and wouldn't take 20ps"
Michael Donoghue

The Bug juke box is a gift from God.
Simon Reid


  1. Wendy Miller says: "By the way, in my day the best pub jukebox had to be the Swan, Wood St, and as so little has changed in there I'm sure it still is!!"

  2. You know it's a great jukebox when the CD covers are showing an Elvis Costello album (doesn't matter if you hate that particular album), and you flip thru and there's Gang of Four's extremely patchy third album. No jukey has Hard! And it's the thought that counts. Anyway, that was my recent experience at an excellent dive just off Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn. Mopey hipster groops playing downstairs on Saturday afternoons. Guinness.