Monday, 2 February 2009

The magic of Springsteen - he makes the Superbowl worthwhile

THERS'S 80,000 people going bananas over a truly rubbish game and the general of the armed forces is doing the toss (feck's sake lads, even we've stopped the cardinal throwing the ball in at the All Ireland Final) and just when it could all become laughable - Bruce lands in.
Accompanied by a group of 60-year old lads behaving like young fellas, the wee Joisey lad himself launches into Tenth Avenue Freeze Out, landing on his knees playing out James Brown fantasies like he's playing the Stone Harbour Tavern in 1971.
Then he's launching into a fist pumping, booty shaking Born to Run, followed by the new single (gospel choir backed) Working on a Dream and ending up with Glory Days where himself and Silvio van Zandt play the rock and roll shtick to the full.
Few left wingers can get away with the craic Springsteen does because few entertainers like him have that most cliched of qualities - the common touch.
Springsteen speaks to us all, even when our mouths are full of pizza, crispy corn snacks and under strength beer.
Crucially, he doesn't look down on us if they are.
God love him.

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