Thursday, 15 October 2009


FROM NOW on we are going to borrow a feature from our good friends at the Too Many Fandoms blog and do FEATURED FRIDAY.
Today our inaugural artist is the twinkly-eyed, gregarious, glass-half-full, God of Celtic Soul, Van 'where's the craic' Morrison.
A surly oul bugger, seemingly caught in the murky shadows of some perennial Celtic Twilight, on his night he still possesses one of the greatest and unique voices in rock. One part Californian mystic and three parts East Belfast shipyard fitter, it's a voice which carries emotion wonderfully.
Listen to the Spotify playlist here
Please watch this non-embeddable but memorable duet of Crazy Love with Bob Dylan.
Below he talks surprisingly happily and very frankly about Astral Weeks (officially Q Magazine's greatest album of all time in 1990) and gives you the impression he knows where every single penny goes.
How can you fault straight forward honesty like:
Q:'Is there a band that you like or influences you today?'
A; 'No.'

He does however look and sound like yer dodgy dealing uncle who went to the States to find his fortune and comes back pretending to be a millionaire.

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  1. Classic East Belfast put-down... "no". What a legend.