Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Suspect devices: The future for newspapers?

NEWSPAPERS 2.0 is the hottest topic on the other side of the Atlantic where a catastrophic downturn in advertising and circulations has seen everyone forecast the demise of everything from small town papers up to, and perhaps even including, the New York Times and Washington Post.
The Times has responded with a fully tweeted up, network savvy social networking editor Jennifer Preston who is now 14th on Twitter's hot 100.
However, the Times is also roadtesting the best mobile devices which could just save news organisations as the dead tree format becomes the anachronism everyone is predicting. Mind you everyone was predicting that Facebook and Youtube were going to be the formats of the future, both are still haemoraging multi-millions with no real signs of getting any of that cash back.
Say what you want, but these devices do look well sexy - but may get damaged when my paper boy drops one through the letterbox every morning.

Nytimes.com: Newspaper 2.0 - Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

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