Friday, 24 September 2010

Spotify Playlist for the North West Massive Mingle (which I missed)

I have put together this playlist for the meeting of the North West branch of The Word magazine bloggers. It's a shame I had to miss it due to work commitments, they are among the best nights of the year.
So this playlist features a lot of French hip-hop I eulogised here, one song from Washingtonian Ankh Amen Ra,  the brilliant Rachid Taha makes an appearance and there are some songs I have loved for many years by Irish singer songwriters Nick Kelly, Damien Dempsey, Paul Brady and Christy Moore.
In the cruelly overlooked/ nearly were section, there are two songs by Beulah, one each from Liverpool indiers Smaller, Replacments front man Paul Westerberg and San Francisco indiers American Music Club. Belfast guitar soundscape kids And So I Watch You from Afar get stuck in while Texan country legend Guy Clark performs a song which has haunted me for years.
Spotify users click on the link below, everyone else, the full playlist is below the fold.
Massive North West Mingle

Richmond Fontaine – Postcard From California
Suprême NTM – Authentik
Beulah – A Good Man Is Easy to Kill
Nick Kelly – The Loneliest Ghost In Pere Lachaise
Disiz La Peste – C'Est Ca La France
Paul Brady – The Lakes Of Pontchartrain
Sous La Surface – C'est Du Hip-Hop
Richmond Fontaine – Postcard Written With A Broken Hand
Paul Westerberg – Black Eyed Susan
Ankh Amen Ra – Darfur
Prodige Namor – Mission - Feat. Rockin'squat
Smaller – In My Livable Hole
American Music Club – I've Been A Mess
And So I Watch You from Afar – A Little Bit Of Solidarity Goes A Long Way
Abd Al Malik – Soldat De Plomb
Le Rat Luciano – Sacré- A Cappella
Damien Dempsey – Kilburn Stroll
Richmond Fontaine – Postcard Postmarked Phoenix, Az
Richmond Fontaine – Post To Wire
Beulah – Your Mother Loves You Son
Rachid Taha – Voilà Voilà
Frank Sabotka – "We used to make shit in this country."
Christy Moore – Does This Train Stop On Merseyside?
Guy Clark – Desperadoes Waiting For A Train
La Rumeur – L'ombre Sur La Mesure

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