Saturday, 13 February 2010

Podcast No 3: Kasabian, Lady Gaga and booting the life out of Peter Guy

On location in Holywood, County Down
ME, student journalist Rosanna Hynes and Word Magazine writer Jamie Bowman got together on Thursday afternoon to rebut some of the vicious tirades of fellow Liverpool music journalist Peter Guy about pop.
Peter says music magazines are dull because they don't cover new female or black artists and we are square for reading them.
In fairness to Peter, he is one of the most enthusiastic music writers working anywhere and his blog, Get Into This, is a superb, vibrant and bloody well written one. And we are going to get him in a room to fight his own corner in a couple of weeks.
Still, didn't stop us figuratively kicking the life out of him. See what you think.
We take in how Lady Gaga sounds like cheesy French Euro Pop, how Kasabian have been annointed as the Nuts magazine's perfect version of laddishness and one panelist uses the words 'My dad's Dead Kennedy's  records.' Brilliant.
Next week, comedy great Gary Morris of the peerless surrealists Slaughterhouse Live.

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  1. good stuff. missing my rants though :-)
    nice one team.