Thursday, 21 January 2010

Shining a light on Northern Ireland: Splintered Sunrise

SPLINTERED SUNRISE is a blogger from the North of Ireland writing some of the most perceptive articles about the Province/ Occupied Six (delete where not applicable) anywhere in the media.
He is one of the clutch of Republican and/or left wing bloggers whose work makes up a vibrant section of the new media eco-sphere in Northern Ireland and one that is frequently neglected by the mainstream news outlets for a variety of contentious and uncontroversial reasons.
It's well written, funny, perceptive, iconoclastic and irreverent and says much about the wider political climate of Northern Ireland (see BBC NI style guide at work there) that traditional journalism doesn't or can't.
It's been a tremendous help to me in my doctoral studies into dissident and/ or dissenting Republicanism and one of the few that has combined this sphere of politics with a picture of Lucy Pinder in her finery. Bonus.
Splints is entered for the Orwell Prize for political writing, please get along and see why it's one of the best blogs anywhere in the world. The 10 blog posts entered for the prize are superb pieces of writing the best of which being on Republican geography.

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