Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Bugle: Britain's best comedy show and it's a free podcast - Pt 2

AS mentioned before on GM, the best comedy show on TV or radio, in Britain or the US, is The Bugle.
Helmed by close friends, John Oliver (Daily Show cast member, former Mock the Week panellist and big Liverpool fan), and Andy Zaltzman (Radio 4/ Radio 5 comic and big Harlequins rugby union fan), it is simply the the funniest thing available anywhere every week. That's largely thanks, one feels, to the weary presence of producer Tom, the man forced with making this Transatlantic satire masterclass happen.
Recorded via ISDN with Oliver in New York and Zaltzman in London, The Bugle rarely disappoints. With 97 editions under their belt the paircould be forgiven for running out of material, but they never do. Producing two or three podcasts most months, their topical banter is the best anywhere. It puts all the reruns of Never-Mind-QI's-Mock-the-Top-Gear-Week to shame.
This week their best gags were on the the Iraq shoe thrower's release from jail. (Listen below)

While all the commentators were pretending that they thought about Ozymandias when the Dubai building bubble crashed, they came up with this brilliant Bugle Feature section.

The Bugle is available from iTunes and the Murdoch owned (spit here, Scousers) Times website.

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