Friday, 17 April 2009

Take the Google Earth Tour of The Wire

GET out on them Hamsterdam corners, in the low rises or in the towers and see the hoppers slinging Death Row, WMD, Plymouth Rock or the fearsome Pandemic.
Have a smoke out the back of the Baltimore Sun office with Haynes or keep it real tight outside the rim shop with Marlo Stanfield.
Where would you rather be people? Am I taking this too far?

Have a smoke with Haynes, what would it be like to work on a proper newspaper?

Rims courtesy of Marlo?

Prez could show anyone to play dice (Series 4)

I went to Hamsterdam and all I got
was this lousy white T

Bodymore Murdaland alley
from opening credits

Bodie and Little
Kevin's Corner (Series 4)

Barksdale Towers, burning cop car has
been towed and the scene cleaned


  1. can't believe there's no comments yet....
    loved seeing this...I've just recently finished watching all 5 seasons of the Wire, and I'm impressed with the images you found here...great work!

  2. Good sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiit.

    Sen. Clay Davis (D-Md)

  3. cool pics
    gonna find me some hoppers

  4. jsjajsj sheeeeeee it!!

    really disguting this guy, mmmm clay was his name, right?